Tazebaez and Akkua

. 21 dic. 2009

Akkua (means born on wednesday) and taZEBAez (means why not). Those are the names of the team companies. The LEINN people are back in the Basque Country. Last friday they where doing the birth-givings of their experience and they invited us to see it. The question that the coaches made them for the birth giving was: Imagine it is June 2010, how did the trip to Finland affect to your team?
I'm sure it was really hard to sum up 3 months in a 20 minutes performance. In fact, both teams exceed their permitted time. Anyway, the result was at least, surprising. They where really enthusiastic in their presentations, and all the audience was really hooked on it. The local newspaper wrote an article about it.
Talking with Maialen, I told her that in my opinion both birth givings where too focused on the actions-activities they made: projects, training sessions and parties. But what about all the things they learned? What about the problems of creating teams? What about the finnish people?

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